Miatas of the Net

This page started as the product of a group effort by the Miata Mailing List, a group of Miata fanatics, spanning the globe, who communicate via email on a daily basis. This page is a testament to the power of the internet to bring us together and enrich our lives.

We're no longer taking submissions for inclusion on these pages. The project got way too big and it was impossible to keep up. It is now a time capsule for those who participated. Thanks for being part of it.

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This is Cathy Thompson's '97 M "CATTOY", from Duluth, Georgia, USA

This is Cheryl from NM's "MY ATA" - Cheesy plate, huh?


 on the track!Bob

 at the Gap
Bob Hotaling in "Outlaw" and with his nice '92 Yellow, Orlando, Florida, USA

Keith Tanner's "Baby", Ottawa, Canada

Fletcher Blades of Auckland, New Zealand, out for a Sunday Drive.

Bill Gusky's "Petunia", DeLand, Florida, USA


Jeff Gehrig's Miata "Kelly", in Sydney, Australia.

These are the '90 "Max" and the new '99 Miata belonging to Gary Fischman of Old Tappan, New Jersey, USA. Gary is the custodian of Miata.net and has the honor of owning the first '99 Miata on Miatas of the Net.

This nice '96 belongs to Steve Lewinski, of Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This car belongs to Brittany Thornton, of Atlanta, Georgia. This picture was taken at the Hutchinson Island Indy track in Savannah, Georgia.

This is "Am Fear Gorm" (The Blue One), belonging to Dennis Griffin of Murphys, California, USA

This is "2nd Wind", the ride of Lt. Col. Charlie Tucker of Norfolk, Virginia, USA

This is Tony Schreiber's car and his wife. Tony is in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Gale Mead, of Seattle, Washington, owns "SEA-ATA".

This is John Freas' red '90, whom John would name "Red Dwarf", if the name weren't already taken. John lives in Birmingham, Alabama, Long Island, NY, Louisville, KY, USA.

This is "Woody", belonging to Scott Kirkham, of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

This car belongs to Ralph Alder, of Southern California, USA, nice stripes.

This is Greg Germar's '97 BRG. Greg is located in the Philippines.

Gary Morrison of Wellington, New Zealand owns this red beauty.

This is Allan Elegeert of Roeselare, Belgium. Allan likes to get in his car the hard way (right). "Little Red Rooster" is tastefully bedecked in CHROME.

Bill Kellenberger of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Drew Vogel of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


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