Solomons Castle '07

What a beautiful day it was for a top down trip to see a fascinating artist and all his creations. No rain in site for this trip as 16 cars led by Woody made the trip to Solomons Castle. Sunday November 11th 2007

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

You gotta see this place
Once again, a great group of people, lots of new faces made the trip and some "old timers" that have been there before.


A real castle

Howard Solomon built this place and just about everything else in it.


What a site !!
The Solomons own a huge piece of property that has their home (the castle) and the Boat in the Moat restaurant. A Bed and Breakfast is being built and will open in the future.

Lunch Time Lunch at the Boat in the Moat. Chicken and Ribs are the special today.


Ron and Andrea Decisions, decisions, whats on that dessert menu again ?


Most of the group After lunch, we're ready to start our tour of the castle.


Inside the castle, you'll see some great artistic creations.
And some strange stuff, too. The tour guides will keep you laughing as they tell you about Solomons creations.

Nothing goes to waste. Solomon creates things from recycled anything. The tuna can band is just one example.


A self portrait creation of our host.

More creations.

Carmen, Mr. Solomon and Judy The Boat in the Moat.
You really need to look around the grounds of this place too. Did anyone notice the bird creation hanging from the tree ?


Not everyone, but most of our group Time to head home. Thanks Woody and Rosemary for organizing this event. Everyone had a great time.


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