Phillipe Park Picnic '09

The annual Sun Riders Miata Club picnic was held Saturday June 27th. A great turnout of about 40 SunRiders were in attendance for some great food, fun times and a little socializing.

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Under the ole oak trees
Phillipe Park, located in the Safety Harbor area is a gem of a park. Nestled among the oaks on upper Tampa Bay, this park is one of the best little known parks in the Pinellas County area.


Our spot

Our reserved shelter provided the shade and a constant little breeze off the water made for a beautiful summer day.


John and Mike discuss world affairs.
The group waits patiently as the charcoal heats up. Hot doggies, burgers, salads, sides and desserts were on our menu.

Lets eat
Here's some of the gang. Everyone brought a dish to share. Desserts and salads were tasty.


Mmmmmmmm Good
Midge treated us to some short ribs, Korean style...... tasty !!!.


All hail to the chefs.
Here's some of our chefs for the day. Mike, Kathy ( not pictured ) and Midge were manning the grill for us today.


More pictures of our gang.

CeCe and Robert play a friendly little game of clunk Robert in the head.


Red rules....

Miatas in the park

Thanks Mike and Kathy for organizing this years picnic. !!!


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