Space Ctr '07

A large group of SunRiders went to Kennedy Space Ctr. the weekend of Oct. 20th and 21st, 2007. A great time was had by all. Our trip started out in the pouring rain but the skies cleared for our overnight trip.

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Tiptoe thru the puddles
14 Miatas,led by Ralph Till, made the trip over to Titusville. Ralph had some surprises for us later in the day.


One big candle

The space shuttle sits on the pad. We tried to talk NASA into letting us go visit it, but as much as they wanted to, they couldn't.


What a view !!
From atop the observation tower, you can see for miles. The bus tour KSC provides allows you to see many different sites.

Bob and Sue Here's some of our group.


Smiling faces Meanwhile, back at the hotel.. time to rest and get ready for the nights adventure.


Most of the group Here we are at the hotel. Not everyone made this shot. Sorry gang, that's what you get for sleeping.


At Ralph's sister's place. A surprise BBQ cookout for everyone.
What a beautiful nite.

Our host's place was just beautiful. Salad, steaks, chicken, potatoes and desserts. Everyone had a great time. Could we do this once a year ? Guess we better check with Robin and Ken first. Thank you guy's, it was very nice of you to open up your home to our group.


I'm not sure what this conversation was about.

Early Sunday morning, it's time to get up and meet the Space Coast Miata Club for a buffet breakfast. Funny, they like to do some of the things we do... like... eat.

The breakfast club Say Miateeezzz
Here's the whole group of us. Thanks for your hospitality.


Homeward bound Time to go home. Thanks Ralph and Jamie for all the time and hard work that you put into organizing this event. Everyone had a great time.


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