Holiday Party '10

The 2010 Sun Riders holiday party was held Saturday Dec 18th. Once again, many thanks to Ron and Andrea for securing their community clubhouse for us again this year. With plenty of room, a huge kitchen, a great stage and lights, it truly is a great place for the holiday party. All of the singing and dancing stars that performed last year were on hand again this year to strut their stuff. We were joined by many new "stars" this year as well. (See below) The evening started out with appetizers (Pete, great venison and wild pig) and socializing. A delicious catered dinner was followed up by the always fun dirty santa gift exchange. After that was karaoke and dancing.

There was plenty of food and goodies to feed the group. This year we needed 2 tables just for the desserts and appetizers !


Who wants to eat ?

With almost 50 SunRiders in attendance, the facility has plenty of room for our group.


The always frustratingly fun Dirty Santa. Once again this year, bring a gift, get a gift, gift gets stolen, choose another, it gets stolen, choose another... if you're lucky, you may get to keep it....... NOT !!

Lori.... great job of hosting and keeping things rollin'!

Bob didn't get to keep this one... or the next....or the next....

Our MC for karaoke, Ron. Behind the karaoke machine, keeping the music coming, Andrea.

More great party pictures

who knew this duo were such dancin' machines.

I got you babe.... I got you babe.....


My ding aling .. my ding aling.....


The audience roots on the...oh no go go dancers !

Sunriders got Talent, A star is born. .


The end.
A special THANK YOU to Midge and JP and everyone who helped organize this years party.

Thanks to everyone for making this years party one of the best ever.


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