StarShip Dinner Cruise'09

A group of 25 SunRiders got together on Saturday August 22 for a dinner cruise out of the Port of Tampa. Though the sky looked stormy on the way there, by the time everyone was ready to board, there was blue sky and sunshine. Good food, fun times and good friends.
Below is a collection of photos from the evenings event.

Let's get this show on the road !!

With Miatas parked at the dock, the group prepares for the 3 hour dinner cruise.


The StarShip

Our reserved tables by the windows provided a good view of the Tampa skyline as we get ready for the first course.


We're here !

We're here !
Everyone enjoyed their meal, which included salad, your choice of a dinner entree and a dessert.


The downtown Tampa waterways.

Richard, JP and Midge.
Thanks Richard for putting together this trip. Everyone had a great time !



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