Holiday Party '09

The 2009 Sun Riders holiday party was held Saturday Dec 5th. It was a star studed evening as many celebrities from the entertainment industry were on hand for our gala event. Just some of the entertainers that I believe I heard and saw on stage were Elton Joe John and Billy Ralph Joel, Mariah Belinda Carey, Nancy Ilona Sinatra, Frank George Sinatra, Wolfman Ron Jack, Frankie Gus Avalon, Annette Marie Funicello, Stevie June Nix, Jimmy Leon Buffett and Louie Bob Armstrong. The evening started out with appetizers and socializing. Next it was a fabulous catered dinner with all the fixins. Next was our entertainment of karaoke singing and dancing with the stars. Finally ending up with the always fun dirty Santa gift exchange. Many thanks to Ron and Andrea for securing their community clubhouse for us.

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

The spread... Yummy !!

There was plenty of food and goodies to feed the group. One whole table was needed just for the desserts and appetizers !


The Group

Jingle Bells...

More SunRider friends

With almost 50 SunRiders in attendance, the facility had plenty of room for our group.


Splish Splash.... !
Besides driving, eating and getting together, we're going to have to add singing to our list of the things we love to do.

Ole blue eyes... an oncore performace by Bob brought a standing ovation.


I'll show them that a Cadilac is ....
Beep Beep... Beep Beep... enough said :)


Following the bouncing ball proved tough for some.....
Belting out the tunes... who knew this duo had so much talent.

More great party pictures

Wasting away again in Margaritaville....

AhhhhWooooooo Runnin the boards and spinnin the hits..!
The Wolfman and his sidekick kept the show on track.

The stage

The Vegas Showgirls Dancers .. Zoom and Zoom.....


Take a gift... gift stolen...try again...
The always frustratingly fun Dirty Santa. Once again this year, bring a gift, get a gift, gift gets stolen, choose another, it gets stolen, choose another... if you're lucky, you may get to keep it.


Don't get comfortable with that gift Pete.... Once a gift has been stolen 3 times, it's a keeper. .


The end.
Everybody had a great time. Thanks to everyone for making this years party one of the best ever.


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